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What is a side dish to accompany Louisiana Shrimp Boil?

Going to a 4th of July party where I must bring a side dish for a Louisiana shrimp boil. Living here on the mouth of the Mississippi I am not familiar with Louisiana cuisine. Help me please.
4 Responses to “What is a side dish to accompany Louisiana Shrimp Boil?”
  1. Jaqueline Gibbons Said:

    Potato salad
    corn on cobb
    cole slaw
    baked beans

    **I’m from Mississippi**

  2. Taliyah Lightowler Said:

    I’d take Cheese Grits! Look online for a good recipe! I use for a LOT of great recipes! Hope that helps!

  3. Lydia Pike Said:

    usually you throw corn on the cob and whole potatoes in the boil for the side dish

  4. Dominic Wheeler Said:

    well, new potatoes and corn should be cooked along w/ the shrimp… the boil is pretty much a complete meal.

    I’d suggest a couple watermelons, iced down in an ice chest. The host can provide you w/ a big knife with which to cut them. They will be the hit of the party, I promise.

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